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7 years ago

Hi Seblod,

i have noticed a pic of executions on my Cpanels since i'm using Seblod. Here you will find a screenshot of this pic. The screenshot show the avarage executions for 10 websites hosted on a GoGeek account from SiteGround. The pic match with a session of 2 persons (me & Mehdi) during 2 hours of Pro Support. I mean ONLY 2 persons.

I have some questions about that...

  • Anybody else has already met that king of problem ?
  • This is my first job with Seblod. So it could really be on my fault as i didn't optimise my forms. Is that possible ?
  • I'm now really afraid of turning this website on production, as we were only 2 to get this pic, is there anything i can check before going on ?
  • Is it normal as we were working on it for development, and it will go better when used in a "normal way" on frontend ?

Thanks by advance for any suggstion here...

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