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I understand
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5 years ago

Hello Octopoos--

I want to enable users of my application to print Forms and Content, but everywhere I try to implement a Print button or link, I get the same result— clicking the button or link opens a new window with no contents— it’s just empty. Seems like this should be easy and routine, so I assume I’m missing some very simple but important detail.

Methods I’ve attempted are…

In a List:
In Link & Typography options (#2), I set link to “Print”. I click the “+” to configure, but the only Construction option I see is “Class”. Do I need to define specific CSS for it to work?

In a (Site)Form or Content:
I add a Button (Free) and configure Construction Link option as “Print”. Clicking the “+” offers same option as above (Class) and nothing else.

What am I doing incorrectly? Or what must I do that I’m not doing?

Thanks for any suggestions!

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