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I understand
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4 years ago


Could you please help me with the following problem:
I have made a new content type, with an introtext (stored as custom | article | introtext);
I have added a facebook share button (and some more with the same problem);
Now the two problems I am facing:
1. The title of the articel is shown correctly, but the introtext is shown as ::cck::xx::/cck::
I did found the aarticles on this forum that say that you have to change the length of the field, but I cannot find this for it is generated on facebook (I think).

2. the url that should be generated looks like this:
But what I get is this:
So, the first one follows the menu structure, the second one the category

How can I solve these problems?
I am using Joomla 3.4.1., Seblod 3.6.2, and it happens with all the social share extensions that I have tried so far.

I would be most grateful for some help.


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