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6 years ago

Hi There,
I'm trying to make some changes to the Places App to be able to search radius by Zip or search radius centered by specific address.
I have Places App installed and working and have made some field changes to bring in Address, City, Zip fields and search radius in the search form.
I also added Distance field to Item View.
I have somethings working. If I put a zipcode in the zip field and search a radius 95 mile radius I get only one result, but I should have at least two that should be showing, so I don't think I'm actually searching a radius from the zip, rather I'm getting a zip.

Another thing that isn't working is the Distance field in item view. I'm not sure I actually understand where this field would get it's value either. I've searched as many forum posts about search radius and also watched the video tutorials but at this point I feel stuck.

Here are a couple of screens of what I've done so far.

I really appreciate any help you can give.

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