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That's a very nice app, i am starting to understand how to use!

Is it possible to have menu itens and itens from some lists:

For example: this is the menu itens site map:


In the link "professores" : I have a list of teachers, sou i would like to have the site map like:

- Inicio

- professores (menu item)

--- teacher 1 (teachers list)

--- teacher 2 (teachers list)

- Estudio (menu item)

--- school 1 (school list)

--- school 2 (school list)

- Publications (menu list)

--- Article 1 (articles list)

--- Article 2 (articles list)

So i could have a sitemap with all content of my web site, in other hand, i don't know if this is the best practice for sitemaps and seo...

thanks a lot

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