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I understand
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Wolfgang Claus
6 months ago

Hi everybody,

I created a list&search type, with the blog template. After I created a rather complicated search form, I discovered, that this template displays items not only in a one column style. More than 3 items are displayed, by using 1 column for the first item, then 3 columns for the following items.

Is there a posibility to configure or style this template, to display all items in 1 column. Or is it better to use the table template and only use one column of this template?

Tank you  :-)


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41 Posts
Wolfgang Claus
6 months ago
Level 1

I did not find a template that suits my requirements, so I desided to change all Selbod css-classes for width to 100% in this template. (.cck-w1:100%, .cck-w2:100% etc)

Thanks to all

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