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I understand
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1 month ago

Hey guys, 

there seems to be some kind of bug in the seb_table template. When in the list view the restriction is set to 'workflow - current author' for one or more fields, then the heading labels disappear. 

I've created a content type and list using the free object. About 7 simple text fields. Items are submitted by different users on the frontend. Everything ok so far. But I want users to only see their own created items, so I set a restriction using the workflow. When I do that, then strangely the heading labels of the restricted fields dissappear. 

I did some fiddling around with the index.php of the template, but can't put my finger on the spot where it goes wrong. Any suggestions where to look? It will be greatly appreciated.

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29 days ago
Level 1

Hi Maurik,

It seems that you wish users to only see their own created items

If so this is not on the List View (i.e. which fields to output), but more on the Search View (i.e. different results) where you need to apply the proper setup.

You should assign "Article Created By" (existing field from Folder: JOOMLA > Article > Publishing) to your Search Type > Search View.
Then for this field, use the following setup:

* Variation = Hidden

* Live = User + Configure: Property = id

Side note: about seb_table template, feel free to apply the column label directly on the column position, instead of using the field label, if needed.


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28 days ago
Level 2

Thanks, Sébastien for this very helpful answer. It's working perfectly now!

10 days ago
Level 1


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