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8 years ago

Hello, I found the easy answer  but my edit disables Field Conditionals

Before, I saved  /templates/seb_one/fields/_markup.php as "markup.php", and then edited it.

I changed the vars order within:   $html   =   '<div id="'.$cck->id.'_'.$field->name.'" class="cck_'.$cck->mode.'s cck_'.$cck->client.' cck_'.$field->type.' cck_'.$field->name.'">'.$desc.$label.$html.'</div>';

This works, it does put field description above the field, label and value, but Conditionals do not work. Seb_one template does not have a control for ABOVE. Anyone have a solution for this?

Of course, I could just add a free text field, but this just adds many extra fields unnecessarily and makes import more complicated.

Also for your reference:

And here's an old article on it: http://www.seblod.com/v2/support/tracker/5093-markup-php-javascript-for-conditonal-fields.html

And an old forum post: http://www.seblod.com/v2/forum/105-General-Discussions/41808-Conditional-States--Trigers-in-Custom-Templates-NOT-WORK.html#42086

Thanks for your help.

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215 Posts
8 years ago
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I did figure out how to use JQuery to move the description above the field, e.g.

<script type="text/javascript">

... maybe there's a more straight-forward approach?

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