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I wonder if it is possible to use SEBLOD without Bootstrap. Since J4 comes with BS4 but BS4 is too huge we prefer using a lighter CSS framework in our templates.

But is it feasible without hacking seblod ?  Does SEBLOD load BS or does it rely on the template to load the CSS framework ?

For example SEBLOD has BS tooltips. If I don't load BS in our custom template but have my tooltip CSS classes defined in my custom CSS framework, what should I do to use my tooltips ? 

Another example please: what will happen with the SLICK template (https://www.seblod.com/store/extensions/48185) if I don't load BS anymore ? Will I have to recode a part of the the list template ?



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Seblod uses boostrap supplied with Joomla and possibly overridden by the template. If you choose not to use Boostrap you will need to change or override any part that relies on boostrap beeing there, from joomla core pagination to popups, sliders, accordions etc - Boostrap is not only CSS but also javascript.

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Ok thanks Klas


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