Liqui-Moly Australia has assembled a nationwide network of respected European specialist workshops outside the dealer network that delivers unrivalled service quality and convenience. European vehicles require unique servicing and maintenance programs along with specific repair procedures which cannot be trusted to a general mechanic. Each European vehicle is a world leader when it comes to innovative and highly-complex cutting-edge technologies. This is a significant issue once your European vehicle is out of warranty, as natural wear and tear can begin to dramatically inflate ongoing maintenance costs.

The EuroMechanica website leverages the power of SEBLOD Multi-sites and SEBLOD's incredible search functionality to provide an Australia-wide directory site and search engine for leading european car mechanics. SEBLOD multi-sides is used to provide every member mechanic their own custom website, while SEBLOD's search functionality powers a 'parent' aggregator website where all of the individual sites can be found.

This site is a true testament to the power of SEBLOD to structure dynamic content throughout a site. With a well defined content heirarchy and structure, many informative content pages have been created that can fulfill search and user intent. These dynamic content pages are ordered by car make and location, as seen below:

without SEBLOD, setting up this sort of landing page structure would be very unmanageable. However, the SEBLOD framework provides all of the tools necessary to make this possible.

Display locations on a map


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