Muval Pty Ltd

Muval ( is a unique idea in the Australian removals industry. it was established in 2016 with a simple goal: improve efficiency in interstate trucking by connecting people with available space in trucks. Now, their logistics marketplace does exactly that; it connects you with dozens of quality interstate removalists companies and their available truck space every day.

How Muval works

Muval hand selects a range of the best interstate removalist companies to get information on their trucks, availability, and upcoming trips through our removal business software (Built with SEBLOD and Joomla). They then use this information to power a central search engine making it easier for Australians to find available truck space. Without Muval, you would be stuck with calling dozens of removal companies to get the best price, or you would have to use a quoting aggregator and deal with the hassle of talking to multiple pushy sales people fighting for your work.

When you search for available truck space posted by interstate removal companies, Muval's algorithms (connected to Google Maps API) find you a match that fits close to the date you select with a truck that's already travelling close to both your pick up and delivery destinations. You can then review the information, and book securely and directly through our site to reserve your space.


Muval proudly runs on Joomla and SEBLOD. We use a lot of BeforeStore and AfterStore processing files to handle integrations with payment platforms like Stripe. We also use WebServices to make information available to our Muval Driver app which works alongside our Joomla and SEBLOD system.

Innovation in Search

Search engine rankings in the removalist industry are incredibly competitive in Australia. SEBLOD's dynamic list and content functionality have enabled us to create many dynamic landing pages that pull interesting information out of our database that is of value for visitors. Without this functionality, being able to create many targeted and unique pages of content would be a large administrative burden. We created landing pages for people looking for Interstate removalists in Brisbane, interstate removals Sydney, removalists in Perth, and Moving interstate from Melbourne. We also utilised SEBLOD to create pages for any unique combination of start and end address, and display interesting content about those locations dynamically.

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