SEBLOD is a free software released under the GNU General Public License.

It can be installed & used on an unlimited number of domains. There is no limitation.

All future versions of SEBLOD will remain free.

SEBLOD 3.x is compatible with both Joomla! 2.5 & Joomla! 3.x

Joomla has more CCK extensions than craters on the moon. So.. what’s different about SEBLOD and how does it stand out?

Flexibility, integration and options. SEBLOD doesn’t stop at simply giving you the ability to create a few content types and custom fields. It does that, but it allows you to take control of all of Joomla’s options and use precisely what you need and leave out what you don’t. It also offers a powerful and user filterable search feature, as well as many new tools and options for creating interactive applications, multi-site, multi-lingual sites and more.

Theming is a breeze, with a drag and drop position system and template parameters, position variations, and the position override system for those who need further control.

Best of all, SEBLOD does all of this while integrating seamlessly with the Joomla! core. That means most 3rd party extensions will be compatible, and no entirely new interfaces for managing content are necessary. 

If you think you found a bug, please submit a report on our Tracker.

Be sure to be able to replicate this issue on a fresh Joomla! install, and give us as much details as possible.

You can find the Changelog from our Homepage (download), or directly by clicking here.

Seblod 3.x works with Joomla! 2.5 or 3.0.

Seblod shares all of the same system requirements as Joomla, however Php 5.3 or above is required.

You could, but it’s probably not a good idea. As with any time you add substantial functionality to your site, it is always recommended to first try in a testing environment. Once everything checks out as you like, then make a full back up of your production site before moving it over. At a minimum, it’s always wise to at least make a backup before adding components or making substantial changes.
Many creative and professional sites are based on SEBLOD. For now there is a post on the old forum where users have shared some of their SEBLOD creations but a showcase is coming soon.
Once you install SEBLOD, by default all new content you create using the normal Joomla interface will be associated with SEBLOD. However, existing content will not be assigned a SEBLOD content type until you open it and save it at least once. After you’ve done that, it will be assigned the Article type which you can then extend and customize in the SEBLOD Forms & Content type Manager.
Content types are groups of common fields and their data, as well as options like show article title or date, send an email on submission, etc. Out of the box, Joomla has a limited number of content types. SEBLOD lets you extend Joomla’s core content types like Article, Category and User and/or create your own.
For example, you might have one content type for a blog posting with a title field, date, author, intro/full text, blog image. So far that’s pretty similar to what standard Joomla offers. But maybe as the admin you could hide many of the options that the person adding the blog post doesn’t need or should have access to such as category (you could assign a default), show title, show created date, etc. SEBLOD allows you to completely customize you forms exactly the way you want!
You could also create custom fields for your content types that are individually searchable, easy to fill in, and themable. A product for example could have fields for a title, description, image gallery, price, color, size, weight, etc. or a testimonial type could have fields for name, company, phone number, years known and testimonial text.
To download you’ll first need an account on seblod.com. If you don’t already have one, click here to register.

Once you’re registered and logged in, you’ll see buttons that say “add to cart”. This is for both free and commercial products. Simply add the product to the cart and when you’re done adding products, go to checkout. After checkout, go to “My Downloads” where you can then download. My Downloads and Checkout can be found at any time by hovering over “Member Account” at the top of the screen.

SEBLOD itself can be updated through the regular Joomla manager but not updates for SEBLOD products. There are two ways to update SEBLOD addons, plugins, templates..

The recommended way is with SEBLOD updater. Simply install it and follow the directions on the product page. For both free & commercial products, don’t forget to enter your secret key in the Updater options.

The second way is to manually download from the SEBLOD site and install through the Joomla! extension manager.
Memberships are really the easiest way to get started with SEBLOD.

Every month, you'll get at least one new application !
Each app tries to focus on a specific use case or a specific feature. You can easily learn from it, and see how things work.

It includes different products (free or commercial) and gives you a good basis that can be extended and customised to fit your needs or your clients' wishes.

And for those who are already familiar with SEBLOD, that's also a good way to be efficient and reduce the cost by reusing these ready-to-use apps.

If you have any issue with your exclusive products, you'll find Private Support Forums, with 48h response time. (72h during the weekend)
Of course you can continue to use your applications/plug-ins/templates on unlimited domains.. even after your membership period has expired.
You just do not get access to any support, updates, or additional products released outside of your subscription period.
We've chosen not to apply automatic renewal. Thus you won't be surprised with a recurring payment.
You'll get notified by email before the end of your membership, and if you want to renew, you'll be able to do it manually.

We offer members the ability to renew from 60 days prior to expiration to 30 days after current membership has expired.
For each renewal, you'll have a loyalty discount which will be at least 20% off the price.
A “processing” order is just an “open” order. It doesn’t mean that it has been “processed” or even paid. When a payment is made on Paypal, our E-commerce platform validates the order automatically, and the products can be downloaded right away.

If you are having trouble with an order that is marked as "processing" and you can't download products, please contact us with your PayPal Order Confirmation email and we can look in to it for you.
For now, when you buy a subscription/membership you need to logout and then login again to be able to download the products associated with your membership. We are working on this workflow so that we can improve it in future.