Joomla uses standard "Read More..." text linking readers from intro blog view to full article content. What if you don't want to say "Read More..." or want different link text in various pages? Combining a simple Seblod field with a Seblod custom template makes customization possible..

Here are the steps for creating your own custom text to replace the standard Joomla "Read More..." text:

1. Create a text field for your content type, and give it a name (for example, "link_to_content").

2. Go to the “Intro” view for your content type in the Seblod control panel and add the "link_to_content field" by dragging and dropping it from the right to the left side.

3. On the right side of the control panel, click the "2" button (link). Then on the left side, click the “+” button in the “link_to-content” field. Set the link to "content."

4. Click save.

5. Open your custom template. Add the following line where you need it. Just replace "link_to_content" with the name of your field, and replace “some text” with your own “Read More...” text:

<a href="/<?php echo $cck->get('link_to_content')->link;?>">some text</a>