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Useful for back-end / front-end item managers where you wish to display various statuses with icons, add direct actions etc.

Options include:


  • Activation - used on e.g. user activation column to show whether user is activated
  • Block - used on e.g. user block column
  • Checkbox - should be used on the "CCK Id" field, in order to display a checkbox for each item.
  • Checkbox Toggle
  • Featured - can be applied for example on "Article Featured" field in order to display a "star" icon.
  • Increment- adds a field with incremental counter e.g. to display invoice line numbers
  • Reordering - used on order column to indicate reordering
  • Status- can be applied for example on "Article Status" field in order to display a "check/cross" icon.


  • Form - renders field as form element (optionally also can trigger change)
  • Hidden - renders hidden variation of the field
  • Readonly- renders field as readonly form element

Note: this extension is included in all SEBLOD Core packages, starting with SEBLOD 3.8.0