If you use article title field it will be used as items page title (the one that displays in the browser header), but this is sometimes not desired as e.g. page title only has internal meaning. 

There is easy solution for this:

  1. In your Form&Content type navigate to the View tab
  2. Select or create a field that will be used for page title and copy its name (e.g. art_introtext).
  3.  Click on the Configuration tab on the right side. 
  4. Now you can see "Override Title" textbox - enter selected field's name.

You can also load fields based on language - put value like this in override title field, pattern to use is "language-tag":"field_name", values are comma separated:


This will load fields for title depending on the language - so from this example title_test will be used for en-GB and title_test_de field for de-DE.