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Displays any list of items (ie locations) with an interactive Google Map.

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  • Great for business directories, events, social maps, Real Estate listings and much more!
  • Can get coordinates from standard address fields
  • Custom fields in marker popups
  • Highly configurable
  • Joomla! 3.x

Maps is a special template for a List and Search Type that displays a Google map with a set of markers. The markers are created dynamically in one of two modes: geo coordinates taken directly from latitude and longitude fields in the content type or from a set of standard address fields like Street, City, State/Province, Zip Code and Country.

The template has a dedicated position to place fields for the marker popup.

Other parameters include the size of the map, common settings for the Google Map UI like show pan, show zoom, show map type, etc. There is also a choice of marker icon, marker animation and more.

Just install it as a standard Joomla extension.

EDIT: starting with version 2.0, this template includes Auto-zoom & Clustering capabilities.

In order to set your Google API key, please go to: SEBLOD > Template Manager, and edit the Map template. Thus, it will be automatically available for all your Search Types.

Business Clubs:

  • Lifetime License
  • Unlimited Domains

Single purchase:

  • Free Updates
  • Lifetime License
  • Unlimited Domains








# Multiple maps on a page.
# Unterminated statements (JS).

Sign In2.2.02018-12-03

^ Copyright updated.

Sign In2.1.12018-06-27

^ Copyright updated.
+ "MaxZoom" parameter.
+ "openMarker" function.

Sign In2.1.02017-05-10

+ API Key added.
+ Auto-zoom capability.
+ Clustering capability.
# Escaped characters issue fixed.

Sign In2.0.02016-10-12

^ Copyright updated.
+ Languages Files (package).
+ Infinite Pagination ("Load").
- sensor=false removed.

Sign In1.3.02016-04-28

+ Template Picker

Sign In1.2.02014-10-17

# Markup (none) is now applied.

Sign In1.1.12014-05-13

+ Styles added.
+ Zoom Scroll Wheel added.
# https issue fixed.

Sign In1.1.02014-03-13

Initial Release.

Sign In1.0.02013-05-31

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