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SEBLOD importer is the ultimate time saver when you have need to bring in a lot of content!

  • Import Articles, Categories, Users
  • Update Users
  • Import as Standard or Custom storage
  • Joomla! 3.x

It is a CSV importer that handles articles, bulk categories and users complete with custom fields. All you need is a spreadsheet with in the right format.
Here's the basic spreadsheet setup: For existing fields, column headers must match the database column names for those fields. For example, Title should be title, the date the article was created should be "created" and formatted in the correct date format ( yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss). Category should be catid (with the id, not name) and so on. Any custom fields need to match the machine name (db column name) used if they already exist. There should be one item per row. When you're done, save/export your spreadsheet as a .csv file using the one of the 3 delimiters SEBLOD offers (comma, semi-colon, pipe). If you use MS Excel, it will probably export a comma separated CSV.

You can also use the importer to create a brand new content type, complete with new custom fields. In fact, this can save time, although the new fields must be text fields. In your spreadsheet, simply add columns and name them as you wish (all lowercase can no spaces allowed). Then when you're ready to import, in the importer under Content Type, choose "Add New" and enter a name.
Before you import, you must choose an object. The first dropdown should match the type of object you are importing, and the second should usually be standard. Then make sure to choose correct separator for the CSV, and any defaults as desired.

Once installed, SEBLOD Importer can be found under Components->SEBLOD 3.x->Importer.

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Rating & Reviews

Simply works!

8 years ago
Works great. I had to import users with extra profile fields. Some of them existed already, some not. The importer updated the existing users and added the new ones. That's what was expected, that's what happened. ;-) Tnx you Seblod-heros.

Works grate - one question

8 years ago
First of all: thanks for the free and awesome (and working!) tool!

When importing large number of items, things go quite slow. I am importing 2000 items and it takes hours ;[ Anything I can do?