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Export data from Joomla and SEBLOD, including custom fields.

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  • Export Articles, Categories or Users
  • Download or save to a directory
  • Joomla! 3.x
  • Joomla! 4.x

Exporter will save your Joomla/SEBLOD data to a csv file, including custom fields. This can be all articles in a content type, a list of categories with their fields, or a list of all users (or users in a certain user group). By default the CSV will be offered for download but it can optionally be saved to a directory on the site.

Once installed, Exporter can be found under Components->SEBLOD 3.x->Exporter.

Business Clubs:

  • Lifetime License
  • Unlimited Domains

Single purchase:

  • Free Updates
  • Lifetime License
  • Unlimited Domains








! SEBLOD 4 ready
(use 2.3.0 for SEBLOD 3)

+ Filename from List.
+ Filename Date from List.

Sign In4.3.02024-01-19

+ Filename from List.
+ Filename Date from List.

Sign In2.3.02024-01-19

! SEBLOD 4 ready
(use 2.2.2 for SEBLOD 3)

Sign In4.0.02023-05-05

# Fix applied (no item to export).

Sign In2.2.22022-02-01

# Regression fixed.

Sign In2.2.12021-12-07

+ Multiple Content Types allowed.

Sign In2.2.02021-09-28

# Prepare Output fixed.

Sign In2.1.12021-09-28

+ XLSx Format implemented.

Sign In2.1.02021-09-28

+ Alternative List implemented.
# Code refactored.

Sign In2.0.02021-01-04

# UI issues fixed.

Sign In1.9.72019-12-26

! Preparing stuff for SEBLOD 4.

Sign In1.9.42019-02-21

# utf8/newline (AJAX) fixed.

Sign In1.9.32019-01-16

+ Free Object support.
# Unterminated statements (JS).
# Minor fix.

Sign In1.9.22018-12-03

! SEBLOD 3.16 ready.
* Security release.
^ Copyright updated.

Sign In1.9.02018-06-27

# Translation issue fixed.

Sign In1.7.22017-09-19

# Ajax-based task fixed.

Sign In1.7.12017-06-09

* Security issue.
^ Copyright updated.
! SEBLOD 3.11 ready.
+ "onCckPreBeforeImport" event.
+ "onCckPostBeforeImport" event.
+ "onCckPreBeforeImports" event.
+ "onCckPostBeforeImports" event.
+ Ajax capabilities added.
  (from List / Submit Button)
+ Limit paramter added.
# Minor issue fixed.

Sign In1.7.02017-05-10

! Extensive cleaning performed.

Sign In1.6.02016-08-26

^ Icon added on "Export" Button.
^ Icon for "Session" updated.

Sign In1.5.12016-06-06

^ Default separator is now ";"

# Conditional States fixed.
# User Export ("All Fields") issue fixed.

Sign In1.5.02016-06-02

! Copyright Updated.
! Language constant updated.

Sign In1.4.22016-04-28

! Ability to manage Sessions.
+ Session Manager button added.
+ Session Dropdown updated.
# Javascript issues fixed.

Sign In1.4.02015-07-20

! Joomla! 3.4 ready.
^ Implement JCckExporterVersion.
+ "Prepare Output" added.

Sign In1.3.02015-05-09

! Download URL for SEBLOD 3.3.4
# Labels used as header..
(from component back-end)
but it shouldn't! (regression)

Sign In1.2.22014-05-13

! Export (from SEBLOD List)
is now based on the query/filters.
! Export (from SEBLOD List)
does not require JGrid plug-in.
# Labels used as header.
# Ordering of columns fixed.
# Ordering of items fixed.

Sign In1.2.12014-02-27

! Joomla! 3.2 ready.
+ Allows to export items
from any SEBLOD Lists.

Sign In1.2.02013-12-24

! Joomla 3 ready.

Sign In1.1.02013-05-31

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