New Release 3.10
Nice Improvements & Fixes
Today, we are glad to publish our new major release: SEBLOD 3.10.0.
It comes with great additions, and as always a few more fixes to improve the stability of the whole SEBLOD ecosystem.

Ability to use "Admin Form" on Front-end
From the start, Admin Forms could only be used on the Administration (back-end) side. And as you all know, Site Forms were made to bring the ability to display Forms on the front-end.
Starting now, you'll have the choice to use Admin Forms on the front-end as well!
Why would you do that? Simple answer... to make your life easier (once again!).
Of course it depends of your needs, and the way you use SEBLOD for your projects, but if you gives front-end managers to your clients/users, this gonna help in 2 different ways:
  • You won't need to replicate changes on both Admin and Site Forms (to make sure to have the exact same Form on both sides)
    >> you work on the Admin Form, and you use it on the front-end.
  • You will simplify your Site Forms. A Site Form can become really complex (with many fields, group fields, accesslevels, restrictions, workflows, custom processes, ...) to fit requirements of various purposes...
    ex. for a User content type = User Registration, User Profile Edition, User Management ... all this on the front-end!
    >> you separate Fields for end-users (add / edit – on the Site Form) from Fields for managers (add / edit – on the Admin Form)

Automatic removal of oldest versions
Versions can be automatically created after each save (for Content/Search Types), and you can end up with hundred of MBytes.
With this new release, oldest versions can now be automatically removed, and you can decide how many versions you want to keep per item. It is turned on by default, and the offset is set to 20. Feel free to adjust it as you wish.
Another cool addition, is that you can now choose to set as Featured (i.e permanent) any version (from the Version manager), and so these versions won't be automatically removed by the system.

Keep-alive behaviour on Admin/Site Form views

When writing some long text, and huge content (Blog Posts, Recipes, ...) on on a site, some of you may have reached the session timeout before finishing your submission, and of course lost everything in the process. With SEBLOD 3.10, it won't be the case anymore, as the Keep-alive capability has been applied on Forms. Even if you stay more time than expected on a Form, the session won't be terminated, and you'll be able to submit your content! :)
This behaviour is available on both back-end and front-end, but only on Forms views/pages. It has not been added on Form module or field (but it may come in a near future).

Google API load / Merging process reworked
This is one important (and long awaited) fix. As you may know one function dedicated to the load of Google API was implemented in the core a while ago. It gave the ability to merge different Google API inclusions into a single one, with all the suitable parameters and libraries needed across the page (from extensions like Map Template, Address to Coordinates field, ...).
It was working just fine when everything was loaded/called from a Menu Item / Page... but indeed there was an issue when one of them was called from a module.
The whole process has been reworked and it should fixed any issue for all the different setups.
(and it is not dedicated to Google API anymore, and could in theory be applied to any other API inclusion, if needed...)

Please read the full changelog.

Steps to install:
* On Joomla! 3.5.1 or newer:
- Install SEBLOD 3.10
* On Joomla! 3.4.8 or older:
- Install SEBLOD 3.7.2
- Update to SEBLOD 3.10 
* On Joomla! 2.5.x or older:
- Install SEBLOD 3.8.4 (which is latest version to support Joomla! 2.5 !)

Steps to upgrade:
- Backup your site!
- Update to Joomla! 3.6.0
- Update to Joomla! 3.6.2+
- Update to SEBLOD 3.10

We've also updated some of our most used extensions.

Updated Add-ons:
Updated Plug-ins:
Updated Templates:

And finally, we're decided to release new plug-ins for free, that will for sure bring more capabilities to your projects.

New Plug-ins:
New Apps (to be published next week):
  • Menu Items App
  • Multi-sites App
  • Private Messages App
A new major release of our Map Template is almost ready to be published, as well. It should be live next week.
EDIT October 12th: Map Template 2.0 is available, and the Places App has been updated as well.

Like planned, our SEBLOD_more repository is now publicly available on GitHub.
This repository is dedicated to all our free extensions, that you can find on SEBLOD Store.
Feel free to report any issue (related to these products), and to give us a star, as well. :) Thanks!
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