SEBLOD 3.20.0
Core improvements :)
Today, we are glad to announce the availability of SEBLOD 3.20.0.
It follows the release of SEBLOD 3.19.0 (back in May — launched without any blog post), and brings nice improvements to our SEBLOD Core package. (while we work on our next big things!)

# Enhancements on Lists
Lists (or Search Types) is one of the most unique feature of SEBLOD, and is already really flexible, but we added 2 small enhancements:
  • applying a SQL random RAND(), ex: on a "Search Generic" Field, options could be set as Alphabetical=art_title, Random=random
  • allowing multiple Distance/Radius search matching

# JCckContent improvements
As you know we've been working on developing and improving JCckContent class a lot on the previous releases, and again here are a few additions:
# WebP support
It looks like now is the time to use WebP most widely, and support has been added for that purpose!
A global parameter (SEBLOD Options > Media > WebP) enables the generation of WebP files, meaning that each JPG/PNG upload (from an "Upload Image" Field) will also create the WebP version (for each thumbnail).
Of course the 2nd step is the set up of the output, and the Image Typography Plug-in has been updated with 2 parameters Extension and Tag. Using those alongside a HTML Typo for the [picture]...[/picture] is all we need to benefit from WebP advantages.

and a few more fixes and additions.

Our store features several updates as well:

New Add-on available on the store:
  • SEBLOD Toolbox Add-on (included features listed on the product page)

Updated Plug-ins:

Updated Apps:

Even if 2020 was a rough year, we hope that you guys are safe, and that you will be able to enjoy some Xmas holidays with your family.

More details at the beginning of next year about our upcoming SEBLOD release for Joomla! 4.
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THANK YOU and Happy New Year!

3 years ago
Hi, guys thanks so much for WebP support! My clients are asking for it!


3 years ago
Using Seblod for nearly 7-8 years. Great software!