SEBLOD 3.17.x
Moving & Looking Forward!
Today, we are glad to announce the availability of SEBLOD 3.17.3.

The key improvement of this release is about the download task.
The download method has been updated (support of chunks) to allow the download of big (500+ MB) files.
And it brings a few minor fixes as well, cf changelog.

SEBLOD Demo site:
We have been updating our demo site. Previously there was only demo pages about Add-ons / Plug-ins / Templates, but nothing about the Core package. Now a new section highlights some key features of SEBLOD.

We also released the following updates on our Store.

Updated Add-ons: Updated Plug-ins: Updated Apps: All apps now include the latest version of our extensions.

What's next?
A few months ago, we started to work on our next major release: SEBLOD 4
This huge milestone will somehow re-define what is the Core package.

Starting from:
  • A cleaner App Folder tree
  • More Plug-ins & Objects
  • Refactored Content Types
  • The compatibility with Joomla! 4
to advanced core improvements:
  • Enhanced Search capabilities
  • Improved Multilingual/Multi-sites systems
  • Reworked Upgrade process
  • Support of Layouts
  • ... and so much more!
It will be cleaner, smarter, and more inline with most projects requirements, thanks to Octopoos’ experience in building high-end websites for more than 10 years.

We will keep bringing a few minor updates to SEBLOD 3.x, but our main focus is and will be on SEBLOD 4.

Stay tuned.
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Seblod 4 is cool!

5 years ago
Thanks for your work, team Octopoos!

Seblod 4 + Seblod Commerce please please please ... :)

5 years ago
​Niiicee! Thanks for your hardwork Saba :)

Where we can see the roadmap?

I'm really hoping you guys will bring SeblodCommerce in the Seblod 4 Release momentum. Please please please ...*wink*
​I'm also hoping in the Seblod 4 version you will also introduce an easier way to create backend application for mobile phone. Thinking something like, 'Build your React Native / Ionic backend with Seblod'. This will make Joomla more useful.

Seblod 4 is amazing

3 years ago
i Like it, this helps me alot in my university project to make my project better with their new features and updates