Core improvements :)
Today, we are glad to announce the availability of SEBLOD 3.18.0.
Even if we have already started to work on SEBLOD 4.0, we are still bringing new additions to SEBLOD 3.x series.

# Impersonate capabilities
While developing a application or mainting an existing site, you may need to be logged-in with a different role (i.e. different permissions) to run some tests. Although creating a dedicated user account is possible, you may find it handy to simply log in as a different "existing user", and SEBLOD core package now features this capability! To enable this feature, SEBLOD Task link plug-in is required. Feel free to apply this link on any field of your User Manager.

# JCckContent improvements
The more you use JCckContent class, the more you need to extend existing objects and reuse the same code without having to write it again. Thus, the new "extend" method brings the ability to bind (callable) methods from one or many mixin classes, at runtime, and for a specific scope only (global | instance | object | type).
All this is explained on this new Manipulating Content: "extend" method, reusable code documentation page.

The "count", "find", "search" methods page has been updated with the following improvements:
  • "in" operator support added
  • "limit" methods added

# Additional key additions:
  • Inputmask JS script included — Feel free to try our new plug-ins: Custom Mask Validation or Date Mask Validation
  • "Preview Form" permission added (allowing "managers" to access forms even with no saving permissions)
  • "PrepareImport" method implemented in various Field Plug-ins

Feel free to read the changelog for bug fixes or additional improvements included in this release.
And here are a few more updates for today:

Updated Add-ons:
  • Exporter Add-on
  • Importer Add-on — greatly improved!
    We will publish a dedicated blog post about it, but feel free to try the new  AJAX multi-step import mode!
New Plug-ins:
Updated Plug-ins:
Enjoy! And feel free to leave your thoughts below.
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4 years ago
JCckContent extend method is a fantastic tool and impersonate capabilities very helpful!!!

extend method

4 years ago
very nice feature!
keep up with the docs, product descriptions and forum assistance and you will have be unbeatable:)

thanks for the update!

4 years ago
kudos to you guys all