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Hello Seblod Developer Team,

thanks for creation this great software. And as well thank you for keep developing on Seblod 4 for Joomla 4

I tried to compile the current status and collected this: 

  • Blogpost from 19.07.2022 SEBLOD 4.0 series seems to have a kind of Roadmap

    • 19.07.22 — SEBLOD 4 Release Preview 1
    • 27.07.22 — SEBLOD 4 Release Preview 2
    • 04.08.22 — SEBLOD 4 Release Preview 3
    • 12.08.22 — SEBLOD 4 General Availability (sounds like the Stable Version 4.0.0)
  • On your github release notification are this actual releases

    • 19.07.22 - SEBLOD 4 Release Preview 1
    • 27.07.22 - SEBLOD 4 Release Preview 2
    • 12.08.22 - SEBLOD 4 Release Preview 3 (planed date for the stable Version?)
    • 25.08.22 - SEBLOD 4 Release Preview 4
    • 30.09.22 - SEBLOD 4 Release Preview 5
    • 06.10.22 - SEBLOD 4 Release Preview 6
    • 10.10.22 - SEBLOD 4 Release Preview 7
    • 03.01.23 - SEBLOB 4 (stable or near stable release) 06.02 - 19.02.23 (according to this thread)

There are a lot of RP Candidates and I guess it is a lot work (and was) to bring Seblod in the compatibility to Joomla 4.

It would be nice if you let us know when the Seblod 4.0.0 Stable Version are planed, to use Seblod 4 on Joomla 4 for productive use. Would be good for planing for a lot people.

Thanks a lot.

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Dear Seblod Team. I am joining this request for information regarding SEBLOD for Joomla4. SEBLOD is an exceptional software, but the current situation is not easy at all. Many users have been with you guys for more than 10 years and during that time have created many, often very complex, successful projects for their clients or their own businesses.

I have to admit that the thought of all those projects being in danger scares me a lot.

Please provide us with any information that would help us get a realistic overview and allow us to plan the future of all the projects out there as soon as possible.

Really, any information will help.

Thanks so much


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Dear Seblod team.
I agree to this request for information regarding SEBLOD for Joomla4.
I've been buying pretty much every plugin you offer in your shop for over 10 years.
Was the investment of around €700 wasted?
It almost looks like this!
Thank you for your reply.


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Thanks for your posts and interest.

A new version of SEBLOD is coming in the next 3 or 4 weeks.

It will be very near the stable version or a stable version.


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Thanks a lot for your message, Bes. I'm really glad you're still there. Please do communicate any changes with users (perhaps just a short notice), it is extremely important.

If you need any support, I'm sure many users would be happy to help with specific issues.



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I fully agree Iliil, Seblod is a great product but there are 2 main issues:

  1. long periods of "darkness": Seblod 4 was announced to be available not long after when Joomla 4 will be released, then by middle of 2022, then by August 2022, then by end of January 2023 or beginning of February, and in between very scarse information. Also issues and PR posted on GitHub get no feedback for months or years, it's a pity in my opinion since users want to contribute.
  2. insufficient documentation, many features or limitation are not (fully) documented, I think some of us would be willing to contribute, a recent post in the forum suggested a "community driven" documentation, that may be a good idea.



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Hi guys, 

..this is a real old history, here just an example (started almost 10 years ago for Seblod 3), the only moment of hope was the brief period of Klas' presence...

Over the years I have witnessed several excellent users who, after trying to contribute/collaborate, have given up due to "tiredness"

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now are the days starting where SEBLOB 4 (stable or near stable release) will be available.


I am excited

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