New Release SEBLOD 4
Joomla! 4.x support
Since our latest blog posts 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, several Release Previews were published on Github, and today we are pleased to announce the availability of SEBLOD 4.

  • If you site runs on Joomla! 3 and you'd like to stay on Joomla! 3 you should remain on SEBLOD 3
    • note: should compatible with PHP 8.0 or 8.1 
  • If you site runs on Joomla! 3 and you'd like to upgrade to Joomla! 4 you should upgrade to SEBLOD 4 (following steps below)
  • If you site runs on Joomla! 4, you must install SEBLOD 4
    • note: should be compatible with PHP 8.0 or 8.1 or 8.2

In order to upgrade an existing Joomla! 3 site:
  1. Back Up your Site, and test the upgrade on the DEV environnement first
  2. Upgrade SEBLOD 3 to SEBLOD 4
  3. Upgrade Joomla! 3 to Joomla! 4
  4. Upgrade once again SEBLOD with the same package: this will apply additional updates and display ACTIONs highlighted above.
Feel free to pick one of these 2 ACTIONs, but please note that the 1st one should be the most straightforward and easy path.

The following Add-ons have been updated for Joomla! 4.x as well:

If you have issues/regressions with the upgrade, please report at GitHub.
And of course, if you need more support from us, feel free to check our Professional Support packages.
Latest changelogs:
Display locations on a map


Congrats Seblod and Saba with team!

11 months ago
Great to see this update for Joomla community!

All the best!

Slava Ukraina!


11 months ago
This is such a great news, So happy this great software will still be here with us!

Yay, what a joyful news

11 months ago
Thank you very much for your effort to keep this great software, which is used and appreciated on so many websites, fit for the future.

Thank you!!

11 months ago
Absolutely awesome. You rock!

Errors on the SEBLOD 4.x demo website

10 months ago