New Release SEBLOD 4
Joomla! 4.x support
Since our latest blog posts 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, several Release Previews were published on Github, and today we are pleased to announce the availability of SEBLOD 4.

  • If you site runs on Joomla! 3 and you'd like to stay on Joomla! 3 you should remain on SEBLOD 3
    • note: should compatible with PHP 8.0 or 8.1 
  • If you site runs on Joomla! 3 and you'd like to upgrade to Joomla! 4 you should upgrade to SEBLOD 4 (following steps below)
  • If you site runs on Joomla! 4, you must install SEBLOD 4
    • note: should be compatible with PHP 8.0 or 8.1 or 8.2

In order to upgrade an existing Joomla! 3 site:
  1. Back Up your Site, and test the upgrade on the DEV environnement first
  2. Upgrade SEBLOD 3 to SEBLOD 4
  3. Upgrade Joomla! 3 to Joomla! 4
  4. Upgrade once again SEBLOD with the same package: this will apply additional updates and display ACTIONs highlighted above.
Feel free to pick one of these 2 ACTIONs, but please note that the 1st one should be the most straightforward and easy path.

The following Add-ons have been updated for Joomla! 4.x as well:

If you have issues/regressions with the upgrade, please report at GitHub.
And of course, if you need more support from us, feel free to check our Professional Support packages.
Latest changelogs:
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Congrats Seblod and Saba with team!

1 year ago
Great to see this update for Joomla community!

All the best!

Slava Ukraina!


1 year ago
This is such a great news, So happy this great software will still be here with us!

Yay, what a joyful news

1 year ago
Thank you very much for your effort to keep this great software, which is used and appreciated on so many websites, fit for the future.

Thank you!!

1 year ago
Absolutely awesome. You rock!

Errors on the SEBLOD 4.x demo website

1 year ago